‘A Day in the Life of’ @ZXY – Nuzhat Tasnim, Talent Acquisition Team Lead

Meet the author

Jubran Bin Malik

Communications Executive

Nuzhat Tasnim, one of our global talents, has been leading Talent Acquisition department of Employee Care Management (ECM) division, ZXY Bangladesh for over 3 years. As Nuzhat’s team is responsible for recruiting talents in our Bangladesh office, she has been playing diverse roles ranging from employee requisition to exploring qualified candidates, CV screening, interviewing, final selection and onboarding. To get new joiners familiarised with ZXY, she also hosts workplace orientation programs.

Recently we had a colleague interview session with Nuzhat for our sixth episode of ‘A Day in the Life of’ @ZXY, where she spoke about her daily tasks, perceptions, and hobbies. See her full interview below.

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