Celebrating World Environment Day #OnlyOneEarth

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Mahmudul Hasan Milon

Sustainability & Compliance

As a responsible global apparel industry player, we understand the importance of playing our part in protecting the shared environment and our communities. This year, we celebrate World Environment Day with Tree Plantation initiatives from two of our regional locations. Fantastic efforts from our Bangladesh and Turkey regional office teams by either planting trees with 20 of our partner factories or donating saplings through the TEMA Foundation. [View Certification here]

To try and make our #OnlyOneEarth greener and safer, we want to take every opportunity to support sustainability. Therefore, we source preferred materials locally and produce with the lowest environmental impact whenever and wherever possible. Apart from tree plantation, below are other sustainable initiatives we have taken recently:   

SDGs Achievements

  • 30% of our key supplier base received awareness training for sustainable practices.  
  • 20% of partners’ wet processing units joined the ‘Supplier to Zero’ program co-organised by ZXY and ZDHC Implementation Hub.  
  • Today, we are well on our way to achieving our Global goals for sustainability, having completed 5 of 17 global goals (SDGs) set by the UN.

We believe that small initiatives coming from the right mindset is the key to making a big difference. In the year 2021, we have few significant achievements based on our Sustainable Roadmap Targets 2030:




To know more about our sustainable initiatives and solutions, please get in touch either by email athello@zxyinternational.comor contact us viaour website

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