Our Egyptian Adventure

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Global Sourcing & Innovation

Keeping up with the pace of our customer requirements and helping us to offer more sourcing flexibility, we have opened our regional office in the land of ancient history and monument wonders - Egypt! 

As a global apparel industry participant, we are always looking to expand our offer beyond our existing boundaries. We now have regional offices and teams in Bangladesh, Türkiye, India, Pakistan, and last but not least, our Egypt office. 


So why Egypt?

Today, Egypt has more than 1,500 apparel factories with an average production capacity of 500 million pieces per day. Our newest regional office at Alexandria, Egypt, allows our USA and European customers to enjoy shorter lead times and reduced freight costs. Top of that, Egypt has duty-free agreements with the USA (QIZ), European (EU1-CO) and South African countries (COMESA).

To know more about our global, local office and production operations, please get in touch either by email at hello@zxyinternational.com, or book your video-call with us via our new website.