Sourcing Journal features ZXY’s Solution for Sustainable Cotton Fibre

Meet the author

Mou Nath

CMO & Sustainability Strategist

To cope-up with the global apparel industry demand for organic cotton, we had to think differently and have been working with Indian farmers directly to support and cultivate the development and growth of in-conversion organic cotton instead of conventional cotton.

Organic cotton is not only skin-friendly; it is known to protect soil, water, and air. But today, less than only 1% of world cotton production is organic. We recognised the immediate issue and stepped forward to work with farmer’s associations in India to strengthen their cotton supply route destined to our production hubs in Bangladesh, Turkey, India, and Egypt.

We are committed to supporting brands-retailers and our organic cotton farmers through a timely sustainable model to level up this supply-demand gap without ignoring environmental needs.

To see the full article, follow the link: Sustainable Cotton Fiber: ZXY’s Global Sourcing Solution

“I am extremely proud of our team; over the years, we have developed our business towards a sustainable model. We are now seeing the fruits of this labor, with our clients and partners trusting us to deliver ethical and commercially viable solutions for their brands and businesses,” said Abby Jamal, managing director, ZXY International.