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We are pleased to launch the ZXY Sustainable Material Toolkit 2022 - Knits edition. Our collaborative teams have created a simple reference pack to help you identify opportunities to convert current products, enter into new categories using sustainable and low impact materials and processes.

We have been working closely with the industry-leading partners to ensure compliance excellence for your product development. As your innovative partner, we have designed this knits version of sustainable material toolkit with a view to supporting and guiding you in producing market-leading transparent product ranges. Hopefully, this pack will make it easier for you to finalise your even fantastic range of sustainable collection. 

To receive your copy of ZXY Sustainable Material Toolkit 2022, you can directly place request through our website, via Email (select from Enquiry Reason list) or booking a video call with us. For any queries related to our Sustainable Material Toolkit, you can also write to us at


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