Your Travel Essential: Pillow Pac Mac

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The simple puffer jacket has become a wardrobe must-have over the years. These cosy options made an inevitable comeback recently, thanks to the 90’s trend raging around us and are loved by many. 
Of course, sometimes bulky winter wear isn’t always the most of becoming clothing we own! With their oversize shapes and extra padded sleeves, these quilted jackets can be hard to handle, so to speak, when travelling or on your daily commute.

So what if we made your winter best friend even more…… erm, cosy? Convenient? Easy to handle? Yep, we thought the same too. Sign us up, please! As you can see from the video below, we have developed an easy to carry yet still cosy travel puffa jacket. It has all the functionality of its bulkier cousins but all the convenience needed for an everyday jacket.

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Stay cosy! 


Gargi Das
Global Head of Design